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Silver fumed colorchanging glow in the dark steamroller spoon pipe

JK-S15 5.5 inches shaped and fumed steamroller with Glow in the Dark artwork

5.5 inches silver fumed shaped steamroller with white 3-D artwork that glows in the dark. Looks great day or night. Awesome for night time events and raves, oh yeah can't forget camping. Glow pieces can be charged with any light source. The brighter it is, the faster they charge. They will charge instantly under a blacklight. All of our peices are well kilned and made with borosilicate glass for maximum durability

NOTE: Silver fuming is what accounts for "color changing" in glass pipes. Silver fumed pieces generally start out with a yellow tint before being smoked through and as they become darker, blue hues become visible. When photographing silver fumed pieces the camera captures the blue tints that will come through after being smoked through.

Price: $30.00
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